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What happens if a company changes its policies?

Companies can change policies at any time and need to, to keep up with market conditions.  Products that are popular today are not tomorrow and market conditions can change suddenly at any time.  The InVeStworks Model System is not dependent on any one particular company, product or market condition.  

We adapt as needed when companies change policies.  If a company no longer is desirable we can switch it for another one of similar value.  Stay connected to your Sponsor, your 3 InVeStment Partners and the InVeStworks Yahoo group email list, and you have all the power you need to be successful in any networking company!   I use the InVeStworks Yahoo group email list to keep members informed.  The Getting Started Guide shows you how to enlist in the Yahoo group.


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What are the Products?

There are two types of products used in The InVeStworks Model System; virtual and physical.

The virtual product companies sell virtual information, tools and services that are accessed via the Internet.  Thus there is not a physical product that needs to be warehoused and shipped to you adding to the company costs. 

The physical product companies sell physical products that are shipped to you and therefore pay fewer commissions to cover the product, warehousing and shipping costs.  For some people it is easier to find Partners with a physical product because people see more “value” in something they can taste, touch or use.


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Something Is Wrong!

Here in the United States, one of the richest countries, 95% of the citizens, after working for 45 years, only 5% become financially independent to enjoy retirement.  And it is worse in most all other countries.

Something is wrong with those statistics.

That is why I committed to creating a system for financial freedom and then sharing it with as many people as I could.  It is a simple system and can work for everyone.

InVeStworks is so powerful.

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Can family members be my InVeStment Partners?

Yes, if they are committed to find 3 InVeStment Partners each.  If not, they can buy products from you but they won’t be considered one of your 3 InVeStment Partners.  Each person needs 3 InVeStment Partners to help grow the team.  I do not recommend bringing in family members to be an InVeStment Partner until you are at least self funding.  It is better to bring them in at about your 6th or 7th level to see further down your network easier and to help support those above who are supporting you.


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What do I have to do each week?

With The InVeStworks Model System below is what you would do each week.

* Stay in touch with your team
* Share the information with others
* Manage your business/InVeStment Plan
* Learn about the companies and keep up to date
* Review emails from your team and the companies

Use your time strategically.  Work smart not harder.  Brainstorm how you can build your financial freedom network faster with your team by joint communications.  Share information with everyone it may concern rather than send out separate messages.

Einstein says you can be a genius at any subject if you will just spend 15 minutes a day of concentrated study.  Break your time into segments of 30 minutes a day to stay on top of any changes quickly.  Better still devote 1 hour a day.    Three to four hours a week qualifies you for significant tax savings in some countries.

Once you learn about the companies they are very easy to keep track of your earnings.  As you first learn about them, take notes and record everything in your Log Sheets.

Refer prospective partners to the website and let it do the selling for you.  Network while you are interacting with others in everyday life.  Establish relationships with other people, networks and organizations that have things you are interested in, while you are already networking there anyway.  Offer InVeStworks (or a particular company) as fundraisers at group meetings.

Focus on your “why”.  Read your goals every morning and every night.  Consider this your PhD to Wealth.  Do you want a High School diploma, an AA, BA or MA Degree or a PhD in Financial Freedom?  You are in school and you will have to spend some time studying to receive your “diploma”.  How much time depends on how high of a degree you want to achieve and how fast you want to receive your diploma – your financial freedom.

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InVeStworks Overview Call

Hello everyone,

Below is the replay link from Katherine’s Private Invitation for The InVeStworks Model System Overview.   She graciously offered to share it with others.

Thank You Katherine.

Suzanne’s InVeStworks Overview Call For Katherine Asbury

Together Everyone Achieves More ~ It’s True!


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$10,000 in 72 Hours

This is a great offer:

The “$10,000 in 72 Hours” manual will give you many strategies for coming up with some fast cash in as little as 72 hours. It’s not some fancy manual. In fact, my business partner and friend Mike wrote them out on a legal pad and scanned the pages. He had a friend who was about to be evicted from his apartment and Mike sat down and came up with some solutions. One strategy Mike reveals allowed him to come up with more than $2,000 in less than 15-minutes.

The PDF manual will be sent to you on a CD (only available to those in the USA and Canada).

Simply email: your shipping address and it will be shipped to you Free of charge w/ Free shipping & handling. On the subject line write: Free 10k in 72hrs
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Success = Attitude!

The ability to change our financial situation begins with each of us.  We all have God given potential to achieve our financial freedom.  We desire successful results from our efforts.  Many of us will do what it takes to achieve the peace that comes along with financial freedom.

We have what it takes to follow the action steps necessary to acquire the results we are seeking.  However, there is one thing that decides if we will take those steps and for how long we take them to receive the results, and that thing is our attitude.

Our attitude decides if we will have the courage to take the first step toward our financial freedom.  It decides if we quit or never give up.  The only person that has control over our attitude toward financial freedom is us.

Working on the right attitude toward our success begins with our decision to make it happen and to surround ourselves with others that have the right attitude.  The right mental attitude gives us strength and confirms daily our commitment to reach our financial freedom. It’s our attitude that keeps us moving forward until we are free.


What’s your attitude level toward financial freedom?

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Global Teleclass On Financial Freedom!

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What is Spillover?

Using a 2 x 8 matrix compensation as an example, since it is only a 2 wide matrix area, your 3rd InVeStment Partner will “spill over” into your 2nd level in the first available spot. You and the people above who are qualified throughout 7 levels above will all receive a commission on that new order. The minimum orders are very low cost on the physical product companies we use so it is easy to maintain a position there as well. Now, you may receive some income from others who “spillover” into your matrix compensation area, but it will not be enough to make you rich. Everyone must bring in 3 InVeStment Partners each for this to work.


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